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Assignment: Copy the sentences for this lesson filling in the blanks with is or are.
When it says, ‘Copy from your reader’, this can be from any book the student is currently reading from. It can be a reader like the ‘McGuffey Readers’ or a book such as, ‘Little Women.’

This lesson introduces is/are. This isn’t a language lesson per se, but more of learning correct speech. We have all learned to speak and can tell by hearing if a sentence sounds funny.

“Two squirrels is in the tree,” doesn’t sound right. Most kids will know the answer is are.

In later lessons, if you continue with Intermediate Language Lessons, the student will be introduced to subject/verb agreement.

But for those who are using this with older students and wish to teach the concept, here is a short lesson below you can use.

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Is/Are Worksheet


1. Herbert is in the house.
2. Herbert and Alfred are in the house.
3. The pencil is dull.
4. The pencils are dull.

Who is spoken of in the first sentence?
Who are spoken of in the second sentence?
Why do we use is in the first sentence and are in the second sentence?

What is the third sentence about?
How many pencils are spoken of?
What is the fourth sentence about?
Which is used in stating something about one pencil, is or are?
What word is used instead of is in speaking of more than one pencil?

Look again at the sentences given in this lesson, and tell when we use is. Tell when we use are.

Use is in speaking of one.
Use are in speaking of more than one.


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